Military & First Responders

If you’re a Veteran, current Military member, or First Responder (such as a Paramedic or Firefighter), my Rent-a-Mum service extends to you as well. Transitioning out of the military, I discovered the importance of having a supportive community around me. Not everyone understands the experiences you’ve been through, which can make this transition challenging. My Rent-a-Mum service is tailored to provide that community and peer support. Whether you’re currently serving or a veteran, I’m here to offer that extra depth to the service for you.

I can be a friend to listen, offer guidance on accessing community services and supports, and even accompany you when needed. Though I can’t provide advocacy services, I can direct you to suitable resources. Whether in person or over the phone, I’m here to support you. Please reach out – I’m here for you.