Welcome my friends,

My name is Krissy Smith. I am a fun-loving woman who has decided to go on a journey into exploring all kinds of new opportunities. I would love to be able to share with you all about them. Help you discover a world of self-care and looking after yourself.

Say hello to the concept of Rent a Mum which is all about just being looked after and cared about, having someone listen to what you have to say, and give you some space to be able to be looked after in whatever way you feel you need. Maybe it’s just having someone come and clean your home while keeping you company, or being able to sit and relax after a long day while I prepare you dinner before sitting down together and just talking about whatever you want. Let’s have a chat over tea or coffee. It can be whatever you need it to be.

I have a whole range of different Side Hustles going on at the moment, though they are hidden behind a password. Do you want to find out more about what kind of things i have going on? Send me a message on 0406 296 191 and let me know your name and city and I will send you the password so you can see how you can support the little side businesses I have going on.

Lastly, i have my blog and I will be writing articles ranging from recipes, to how to deal with anxiety and depression, to great travel tips and a whole other bunch of things that interest me, great books to read, all kinds of things so make sure to keep an eye out and who knows you might see something you enjoy.

So let me show you some love and care and help you to feel less alone in the world even just for a few hours