Do you feel Anxious?

We all feel anxious at different parts of our lives and its completely ok to have these feelings of anxiety. Id love to share with you some ideas on how to potentially cope with these feelings and hopefully help you to feel less anxious.

So for some feeling anxious all the time can be really difficult and it’s always good to talk about it to someone if you find you are feeling this way all the time. There are many different people you can chat with if you are feeling anxious all the time or regularly. Chatting to friends or family can be helpful or even a psychologist or counselor. If talking to a psychologist is out of your budget there are a couple of other professional options id love to share with you.

Lifeline is a great free service – They have a phone line you can call, an online chat option, or even a text option which is great to suit your comfort level.

Mens Line – Men’s line is great support for men dealing with many things in their lives and it’s a great place to be able to have a chat with someone if you need some support. They have a phone line you can call or an online chat option which again is great because it gives you options depending on your comfort level.

Friend Line – Friends for Good is a not-for-profit organisation freeing people from loneliness. FriendLine was set up to address the gaps in services for those experiencing loneliness. They have a phone and online service you can access.

MindSpot – MindSpot provides free, anonymous assessment and treatment for adults experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, and chronic pain.

Mental Health Helplines – Health Direct – There is a list of great options for support on the Health Direct website so it’s worth having a look to see which option suits your needs.

Now while I am a bit supporter of chatting to someone when feeling anxious there are some other ways in which you can also help reduce your anxiety. Finding activities that help you take your mind off what’s causing your anxiety can be really helpful options. Things such as exercise of some kind whether it’s going for a walk, doing some yoga, going to the gym or a favorite of mine going to a boxing class or going for a swim can really help out alot. Or even things such as watching ASMR videos on youtube can be helpful for some there are so many types that you can go through to see what works for you.

Meditation can be really helpful and there are some great meditation apps you can find on your phone or even guided meditation via youtube. I tried a few apps on my phone before finding one that works for me. Even apps where it plays a variety of sounds such as waves on the beach, rain, or rainforest sounds can be helpful for some. So these are just some ideas on ways you can manage your anxiety at home. It’s just about finding activities that help you relax and give your mind a break and just breathe.

I always love to hear what works for you so feel free to comment below to let me know what things help with your anxiety and let’s grow a little community here of support in helping each other out.

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