Silk Oil of Morocco

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Silk Oil of Morocco is an Australian Owned, internationally recognised, hair and beauty brand that was founded in 2002 by partners Shirley and Peter Piscina. An empire built by chance with humble beginnings in a home garage. Shirley was in search of a cure for her own personal scalp and skin conditions she’d been suffering from her whole life when she stumbled across Argan Oil, a precious miracle oil derived from the Argan fruit found only on the Argan trees of Morocco. After seeing incredible results herself, Shirley found passion and was determined to share her findings and help as many people as she could. Years on, Silk Oil of Morocco products are used and praised by hair and beauty professionals and can be found in homes around the globe. Even after its success, Silk Oil of Morocco remains passionately run by family from warehouses in Brisbane with manufacturing facilities across Australia.

The product line started with a Hair & Skin Treatment serum which then progressed into an entire professional haircare range. From this foundation flowed Skin Care, Cosmetics, Hair Extensions, Wigs, Male Grooming, Homewares, and Accessories. There really is no limit to where the brand can and will venture with a brand mission based around creating accessible, effective, safe, and cruelty-free products that bring results, a little bit of luxury, joy, and empowerment to their customers. Silk offers a unique product performance through the use of beneficial oils, active key ingredients, and innovative formulas created with attention to detail and a whole lot of love from one family to another.