Rent A Mum

Are you looking for someone to show you some love and care? I would love to be able to spend some time with you showing you that love and care. It can be as simple as having me come and do your laundry while keeping you company, giving you some help around the home, maybe even do your cleaning if your finding you just don’t have the motivation to do it.

Would you love to have a home-cooked meal? Or even have someone come and lovingly prepare a week’s worth the meals for you because you are lacking the motivation to do so or maybe you just want someone to look after you in this way. Maybe you just want someone to do your week’s grocery shopping and then unpack and put them away for you. I can do lunch, British High Tea, Dinner whatever you like and have a great conversation about anything you like or even just a listening ear if you need it.

Would you love me to come over and change your sheets and make your bed for you so that you can get into a fresh bed, or even have someone put you to bed then go about fixing up your home so you can wake up to a clean home?Need someone to act as a personal assistant for a couple of hours? Organizing appointments, Making or Answering calls, Doing admin work for you, etc

I would love to be there with you to show some love and care. It can be as simple as cuddling while watching a movie, having a coffee or tea while having a chat about anything you want, or it could be having someone go for a walk with you, have someone help around your home when you aren’t feeling up for it, then i would love to help you out.

Let me know what it is you need in order to feel cared for and looked after and ill cater our time to suit your specific needs. There are so many ways in which i can help you to give you company and a listening ear

Well, give me a call. This isn’t an adult sexual service it is just for those who are looking for some loving care and just help with a busy life. Someone who will listen and support you. Let me help you to make life just that little bit better.

2 Hours – $270

3 Hours – $410

4 Hours $520

6 Hours – $700

10 Hours – $1000

There may be a few additional fees, these include the cost of groceries, a small travel fee to visit you, a small travel fee if you need me to go out to get your groceries (maximum travel fee $150) These will be discussed at time of booking.

Special Rates for Sex Workers, Military & Seniors (T&Cs apply)

Please note – This service isn’t just available for men, it’s for Men and Women & all genders.