Herbal and Herbs

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We love all things herbal and we love tea put the two together and you have Herbal & Herbs. Tea has been around for many many centuries and is one of the most popular beverages enjoyed around the world.

As herbalists, we have found that it is the easiest way to get our customers to drink and enjoy their brews. We create blends for enjoyment but our passion really lies with being able to assist our customers with their ailments naturally, through the power of herbs.

With our office based in Brisbane we use many different ingredients from around the world as not all herbs that we source are available or grown within Australia. We do however use locally where & when ever possible.

All the ingredients used within our blends are sourced from suppliers that are certified organic within their origin including Australia. Herbal & Herbs along with our suppliers are committed to preserving our planet through sustainable farming practices, recycling, cultivation and supporting local communities.

Our products are vegan friendly & gluten free with all ingredients listed on our website