Do you feel Anxious?

Anxiety is a common feeling that we all experience at some point in our lives. To help manage these feelings, it’s important to talk to someone about it and find ways to cope. In Australia, there are various free and low-cost resources available for those seeking support for their anxiety.

  1. Lifeline – A free service with a phone line, online chat, and text option.
  2. Men’s Line – A support service for men with phone and online chat options.
  3. Friend Line – A not-for-profit organization that offers support to those experiencing loneliness through phone and online services.
  4. MindSpot – Provides free and anonymous assessment and treatment for mental health conditions such as stress, anxiety, and depression.
  5. Health Direct Mental Health Helplines – A list of mental health support services can be found on the Health Direct website.

Aside from seeking support, finding activities to take your mind off of your anxiety can also help. Exercises, such as going for a walk, doing yoga, or swimming, can provide a mental break and release endorphins. Meditation and mindfulness activities, such as guided meditations on apps or videos, can also be helpful in reducing anxiety. Experimenting with different types of sounds, such as ASMR videos or relaxing sounds, can also be beneficial.

Remember, everyone’s coping mechanisms are different and it’s important to find what works best for you. Let’s support each other and share what helps with our anxiety in the comments below.

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