My name is Krissy Smith.

With a fun-loving lust for life, I am on a journey to explore and discover new opportunities. Come along on this journey with me, as I share my experiences and help you discover a new world of self-care and prioritising yourself.

Say hello to Rent a Mum.

What does being cared for look like to you?

Is it someone to listen to your deepest thoughts, or chat about the day that’s been? Someone to clean your safe space or cook you dinner while you recharge and relax?

Over a cup of coffee, tea or whatever you enjoy, lean on someone else and give yourself space to be cared for in the ways you need.

My purpose is to bring a vibrancy of life to yours, sharing my time and my love with those who need it.

Let me tell you more about myself via my blog. With comforting recipes, strategies to deal with anxiety and depression, there are many ways we can connect, either in person or through a screen.

Read travel tips from Brisbane and Regional and Coastal Australia, great books to read, and other interests to let you get to know me better!

Wanting to know more about my other side businesses?

It’s a secret! Find more information on other side hustles I am operating by sending a message to 0406 296 191.

Text your name and city, then receive the password to unlock.

Men & Women’s Hair, Skin Care & Beauty. Home Decor & Kitchenwares, Eco-Friendly Options, and so much more.

Let me show you the love and care you deserve. Why don’t we feel less alone in this world together? Even for just a few hours.

Terms & Conditions

This site is for adults over the age of 18 only. It is not aimed at people under the age of 18

If you would like to find out more about my side hustles on this site, text me introducing who you are and that your seeking the password to my side hustles page. Text me on 0406 296 191

Please take note of my travel schedule to know where and when my services mentioned here are available

Services listed on this page are not of sexual nature. Please respectfully call me to discuss options further.